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How is the United Way different from other nonprofit organizations?

United Way exists for one reason—to help us come together and Unite as one community to identify and address the issues that affect us all. Those issues, like making sure children start school ready to learn and helping families become self-sufficient cross lines of race, gender, geography and faith, and can only be addressed with collective focus and attention.

Where does the money go?

United Way volunteers from your community carefully invest your contributions into local programs that are proven to make our community stronger and safer. Your dollars help people live better lives. These programs include WayPoint Centers, youth and mentoring programs that keep children safe and productive in their hours outside the classroom. They additionally include job and life skills training to prepare people for employment, and myriad forms of help for people with basic needs and more.

Can I give directly to my favorite agency?

It is possible to direct your gift to one or more agencies that receive United Way funding or to another United Way in the country. Because United Way is in the "business" of community impact, not fundraising for agencies, we cannot earmark your gift to other organizations. Select the agency you wish to donate to via the MyUK portal or by using paper pledge form (if using the form be sure to turn it in to your college or administrative area cabinet member).

What else does United Way do besides fund agencies?

United Way does "whatever it takes" to help our community focus on and get results for important health and human issues. While United Way does raise and invest dollars, we also create and manage programs to address pressing needs and long term solutions, lead regional volunteer efforts, and connect people and resources to help build a better Bluegrass. 

How much of the money raised by United Way is used for administrative purposes?

The Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance for Charity Accountability states that fundraising expenses should be no more than 35% of all related contributions (for more information, visit Less than 20 cents of every dollar raised by United Way is used for fundraising and administration - placing it among the nations nonprofits with the lowest overheads. Our efficiency depends on community support to keep costs to a minimum—including extensive volunteer leadership, executives "loaned" by companies, public service advertising donations and more.

How do the troubles at other United Way chapters and other nonprofits affect our United Way?

They do not. Each of the 1,400+ United Way chapters in the country is autonomous and managed by local board volunteers. In Central Kentucky, hundreds of volunteer leaders from all walks of life are involved in and oversee every detail of United Way operations, from fundraising to investments to financial management.

How do I enroll in payroll deduction?

View our step by step PDF guide on how to enroll by clicking here.

How do I cancel my donation?

Beginning January 1, 2020 all United Way payroll donations will roll over each year. To cancel your donation, email

I would like to donate to another Kentucky-based United Way organization and/ Kentucky county, How do I communicate this?

Complete the pledge form. Be sure to indicate which Kentucky-based United Way organization and/ Kentucky county you'd like to donate to (write the name of the organization and/ Kentucky county on the pledge form).

Return the completed form to the United Way Campus Coordinator.

I would like to donate using a check, where can I send it?

You can send checks to the United Way Campus Coordinator at either of the following addresses:

United Way Campus Coordinator

213A Main Building

Lexington, KY 40506-0032


United Way of the Bluegrass

100 Midland Avenue, Ste. 300

Lexington, KY 40508